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Support your local vendors!

Click on the links to some great vendors both here in CT and other places I've fished.  We need to support our local businesses, because nobody from Ebay is going to open up at 5:00 am for you when you want to catch a tide and need bait or gear. These are all folks I've dealt directly with so I'm giving them a shout out.



I solicit no advertising fees. If I've fished with you, shopped or used your services, contact me.   

You need VHMS in your contacts when your truck won't start in the Ass End of Nowhere, Upstate NY.


Just restocked on some of my favorite soft plastics, BKD Lures for the striper season down at Green Top in VA. I love Hogy and live less than 2 miles as the crow flies from Lunker City, but I also really like BKD Lures Bass Kandy Delights. I like that I can order in bulk. The Pink Delight and Purple Glitter are a couple of my favorites, along with the amber, pink and pearl Hogy and assorted Sluggos. I'm a sucker for anything I can fish during the squid runs of Watch Hill.

I stock up on bucktails from George at the Springfield Sportsman's Expo in the winter. They come with plenty of hair, allowing me to tailor them, and hold up well to the abuse of many stripers.   

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